Whole School Programs

Congupna Primary School is dedicated to the implementation of four whole-school programs that are targeting improvement in Writing, Spelling, Number and Wellbeing. These were identified as part of the last school review and are having very positive student results in these areas. These four programs are:

  • The Big Write & VCOP (Writing),
  • Words Their Way (Spelling),
  • Number Fluency Tasks (Number), and
  • Respectful Relationships (Wellbeing).



Congupna Primary School provides parents and carers with a student report each semester. These are distributed half-yearly in June and December.


Goal Setting Conferences are arranged for students, parents/carers and teachers during Terms 1 and 3. These will be based on setting and reviewing student goals and negotiating individual learning plans. Students will also refelect upon these goals as part of the Students Semester Report.


A Parent Teacher Information Evening is arranged early in Term 1. Parents are also welcome to come and discuss student progress at any-time by appointment with the classroom teacher and/or the Principal.

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