School Context

Congupna Primary School is located five kilometers north of Shepparton and caters not only for the bustling township of Congupna, but also for the major growth area of North Shepparton. In 2019, the official school enrolment is 59 and the school has three teachers and three educational support staff looking after our three classrooms; In 2019, our classrooms consist of a Grade F/1, Grade 1/2/3 and a Grade 4/5/6 composite. The school bus services the Congupna and North Shepparton areas and helps transport students for our After-School Care Program.

The school boasts fantastic facilities, provides specialist IT devices and provides many things only a small school can provide including vegetable gardens, cooking and looking after school pets such as chooks and guinea pigs. Additional resources such as two undercover playgrounds, football oval, rebound walls, soccer pitch and undercover sandpit provide our active children with many avenues to participate in physical activity to help expend some of their boundless energy. Children currently attend specialist classes in STEM, Art and Library, the school participates in the Sporting Schools Program and all classrooms continue to participate in whole-school programs that focus specifically on Writing, Spelling and Numeracy in 2019.

Congupna Primary School is an active member of a Cluster of Small Shepparton Schools and together we strive to offer our collective students all of the opportunities afforded to children in larger schools. We attend Cluster events each Term, share teacher resources and strive to provide real transition support for our senior cluster students before they attend larger Secondary Colleges together.

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