Grade F/1 Update

It’s great to see the grade back at school, refreshed from a busy term. The class have started looking at Minibeasts in Science and Minecraft in STEM…exciting!


At the end of last term the F/1/2's attended a Bravehearts show. The program promotes children’s safety and Ditto (bear) explains 3 important rules for students:


  • We all have the right to feel SAFE with people.
  • It’s ok to say ‘NO’ if you feel unsafe or unsure.
  • Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone about it.


Students enjoyed the program and have started working through a booklet that reinforces what was covered in the show. This program fits perfectly with our Respectful Relationships teaching.







On Mondays the F/1/2s have discussed ways of coping positively and how we can manage our emotions. These are ideas that the class came up with that can help us – (aren’t they great!)


* Take a deep breath

* Count to 10

* Walk away

* Take some ‘time out’

* Change the activity

* Draw

* Think of your ‘happy place’

* Do a jig-saw

* Turn your frown upside down

* Do some yoga

* Find a safe place

* Talk to someone

* Try to slow everything down

* Read

* Choose an activity to cheer yourself up


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