Grade 1/2/3 Update

Our Classroom has been very busy learning about the World Cup this week. All of our students and teachers have been allocated two teams each. This has created a lot of excitement and even competitiveness each day at school. Everyone is very excited in the mornings to come into school and see how there respective teams are scoring in each round.



We have been able to complete some terrific Geography lessons whilst student interest is piqued in this 32-team competition. We have been able to look at where different teams who are playing in the world cup are located on a large world map. We have then used our geographic skills to create our own world maps by colouring and labelling the countries who are competing in the World Cup.


In Maths we have also been able to use the World Cup as a focus! We have looked at why 32 is such a good number to use and have found that it is one of the very few numbers that can be halved and halved again all the way to 1! (32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1). We have also learnt how the scoring system works for the World Cup and each morning we enter the updated scores from the games played on the previous night.


The World Cup has certainly been a terrific vehicle to engage our students in Geography, Maths and Critical Thinking. We look forward to learning who has won when we return in Term 3.


Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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