Grade 1/2/3 Classroom Update

Our Classroom has been very busy lately working on Time, Addition, Fractions and Place Value. In these photos, students were asked to create a structure out of 1000 MAB blocks. The only requirement was that at least one unit, one ten and one hundred were used. This task required students to ‘trade’ ten units for tens and ten tens for hundreds. Hands-on tasks like these reinforce the mathematical concepts being taught whilst putting smiles on the faces of children. It was really fun!



While on the topic of Mathematics, we are now combining all school children into two classrooms to provide mathematical tasks at the ‘Goldilocks’ level (Not too easy and not too hard) for all students irrespective of their ages or Grades. This is our Number Fluency Assessments (NFA) Whole-school Program in action that covers the important areas of Number, Counting, Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division.


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